Search Engine That Plants Trees

Everyone wants to help our planet - But how can you help?

An easy way that costs you nothing is to change the way you search the internet. is a search engine that uses 80% or more of their profits each month to plant trees in many of the worst affected areas of our planet suffering from deforestation.

So far they have planted over 80,000,000 trees from the money they have received from revenue advertisers pay to appear in their search results.

The more people that use their search, the more revenue they earn and the more trees get planted.

So, if you want to do something good for the world, start today and visit to make your first search there.

Why you should use Ecosia the Search Engine that Plants Trees?

Even the smallest actions you make in your daily lives leave behind a carbon footprint.

Every search you make on the web is said to contribute 0.2 grams of CO2 to the atmosphere using one of the most popular search engines.

Ecosia is the opposite and is actually a carbon-negative search engine.

By using for your internet searches you will actually be removing 1 kg of CO2 every time you search.

How does that work out I hear you ask?

1) They have their own solar plant to run their servers on 100 % clean power.

2) On average, for every 50 searches, enough revenue is earned to plant one tree (currently it is actually only 45 searches per tree but using 50 makes the maths simple).

3) That tree grows and over its lifetime will remove 50 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere (on average over a 15 year period).

For more information on how your searches are turned into trees:


You can add ecosia to your mobile phone or tablet by downloading their app or set it as your homepage and default search engine for your desktop or laptop computer.

Once you start using ecosia, your personal counter will keep count of all the searches you have made - get to 45 searches and you will have planted your first tree!

Once you start using Ecosia we know you will love the fact that you are helping our planet by turning your searches into trees.

So make sure to tell all your friends, family, work colleagues.

The more people you can help change to ecosia - the more trees we can all help plant. - the search engine that plants trees >