KTM ETS Train Schedule KL to Ipoh

View the KTM ETS Train Schedule KL to Ipoh (from Kl Sentral Railway Station)

Below you will find the KTM ETS Train Schedule for 2016 for the fast Electric Train Service that operates between the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh in Perak state.

There are now three types of ETS Train Services : Silver Services that stop at every station - Gold Services which have fewer stops - Platinum Service with very few stops.

ETS Train Timetable from KL Sentral to Ipoh 2016

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ETS Silver Services from KL to Ipoh :

New Timetable from 15th July 2016.

There are two of the cheaper Silver services a day, stopping at all stations on their journey to Ipoh.

Train ES9402 departs KL Sentral at 12:30 - Arrives Ipoh at 15:00.

Train ES9404 departs KL Sentral at 21:00 - Arrives Ipoh at 23:30.

ETS Gold Services from KL to Ipoh :

There are many more Gold services on this route, with varying amounts of stops.

Train EG9220 departs KL Sentral at 06:56 - Arrives Ipoh at 09:06 (Originate Gemas - continues to Padang Besar)..

Train EG9302 departs KL Sentral at 08:30 - Arrives Ipoh at 10:50.

Train EG9208 departs KL Sentral at 09:30 - Arrives Ipoh at 11:42 (Continues to Padang Besar).

Train EG9236 departs KL Sentral at 10:38 - Arrives Ipoh at 12:50 (Continues to Butterworth).

Train EG9248 (operates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only) departs KL Sentral at 16:00 - Arrives Ipoh at 18:12 (continues to Butterworth).

Train EG9304 departs KL Sentral at 14:45 - Arrives Ipoh at 17:05.

Train EG9306 departs KL Sentral at 16:10 - Arrives Ipoh at 18:30.

Train EG9202 departs KL Sentral at 17:21 - Arrives Ipoh at 19:39 (Originate Gemas - continues to Butterworth).

Train EG9216 departs KL Sentral at 17:50 - Arrives Ipoh at 20:10 (Originate Seremban - continues to Butterworth).

Train EG9204 departs KL Sentral at 18:13 - Arrives Ipoh at 20:27 (Originate Gemas - continues to Padang Besar).

Train EG9308 departs KL Sentral at 19:00 - Arrives Ipoh at 21:20.

Train EG9234 departs KL Sentral at 20:00 - Arrives Ipoh at 22:12 (Continues to Butterworth).

Train EG9238 departs KL Sentral at 20:30 - Arrives Ipoh at 22:42 (Continues to Butterworth).

Train EG9310 departs KL Sentral at 23:40 - Arrives Ipoh at 02:00.

ETS Platinum Services from KL to Ipoh :

The fastest Platinum service only stops once at the old Kuala Lumpur Station on its journey to Ipoh.

Train EP9246 (operates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only) departs KL Sentral at 07:50 - Arrives Ipoh at 09:50 (continues to Butterworth).

Train EP9232 departs KL Sentral at 09:00 - Arrives Ipoh at 11:00 (continues to Butterworth).

Train EP9214 departs KL Sentral at 11:00 - Arrives Ipoh at 13:05 (continues to Padang Besar).

Recommended Accommodation in Ipoh

There are also a couple of slower and cheaper KTM Intercity trains that operate on this route. 

Electric Train Service - ETS Ticket Prices

Fares between Kl Sentral and Ipoh are as follows :

Silver Service : RM25 (Adult) - RM17 (Child)

Gold Service : RM35 (Adult) - RM21 (Child)

Platinum Service : RM46 (Adult) - RM27 (Child)

Child Tickets are for those aged between 3 to 11.

Buying Tickets for the ETS Trains

You can often buy your tickets at the station on the day of travel, but we would advise booking ahead if you want a specific train, especially during public and school holidays.

For those who like to plan ahead or if you just want to check there are seats still available, you can also buy your ETS ticket online directly from the KTM website or by using an online booking site, which may work out slightly cheaper as KTM have also introduced a RM2 online booking fee from 1st July 2015.

KTM ETS tickets are now available 60 days in advance.

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