ETS Train KL to Padang Besar Schedule

The new Platinum and Gold Service ETS Train from KL Sentral to Padang Besar on the Malaysia / Thailand border is one of the new high-speed train services that have started operations since early July 2015.

These new ETS trains are now the only long distance services on this route in this part of Malaysia and all the older Intercity Express Trains are now cancelled north of Gemas.

Timetable for the ETS Train From KL to Padang Besar

Timetable from 19th May 2016 to 31st January 2017 (see new schedule from 1/2/2017 below) :

EG9220 : Departs KL Sentral at 06:56 - Arrives Pdg. Besar at 12:00.

EG9208 : Departs KL Sentral at 09:30 - Arrives Pdg. Besar at 15:10.

EP9214 : Departs KL Sentral at 11:00 - Arrives Pdg. Besar at 15:55.

EG9204 : Departs KL Sentral at 18:13 - Arrives Pdg. Besar at 23:20.

Trains operate daily.

(EG) = Gold Service.

(EP) = Platinum Service.

Trains 9208 / 9214 originate in Kuala Lumpur Sentral.

Trains 9220 / 9204 originate in Gemas.

To view the full timetable for these trains click here>>

New ETS timetable from 1st February 2017 :

EG9020 : Departs KL Sentral at 07:05 - Arrives Pdg. Besar at 12:35.

EP9006 : (operates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only) Departs KL Sentral at 08:00 - Arrives Pdg. Besar at 13:15.

EG9512 : Departs KL Sentral at 09:44 - Arrives Pdg. Besar at 15:10.

EP9008 : Departs KL Sentral at 10:42 - Arrives Pdg. Besar at 15:58.

EG9204 : Departs KL Sentral at 13:15 - Arrives Pdg. Besar at 18:45.

EG9514 : Departs KL Sentral at 17:17 - Arrives Pdg. Besar at 22:50.

EG9520 : Departs KL Sentral at 23:27 - Arrives Pdg. Besar at 05:00.

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Once you arrive at Padang Besar Railway Station, if you want to continue your journey by train, you will have to wait for the International Express Train to Bangkok to depart or you can take a new Shuttle Train service to Hat Yai that started operating from 22/12/2015.

To view the timetable for this new Shuttle train service to Hat Yai from Padang Besar click here >>

Another option is to cross over the nearby main land border into Thailand, then you can continue your journey by local bus to the city of Hat Yai.

Click here for more details about the P. Besar to Hat Yai bus >>

Ticket Prices :

Fares for the whole trip on this ETS Gold Service from KL to the Thai border at P. Besar cost 76 RM for Adults and 42 RM for Children.

For the ETS Platinum Service they cost 102 RM for Adults and 55 RM for Children

Booking Tickets on the ETS Train KL to Padang Besar

You can book your ETS tickets from the ticket counters at KL Sentral Railway station or any other mainline station in Malaysia, up to 60 days in advance.

Another option is to book online.

You can do this directly through the KTMB website for a 2 RM admin fee or through online ticketing agents which often works out cheaper.

Other ETS Trains that are now operating cover the following routes :

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Butterworth to Padang Besar

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If you want to travel by ETS train from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi Island, you can use these trains to quickly get you to the ports, where you can catch regular ferries over to Langkawi.

The best option is to go from Alor Star train station.

From here you can either take a taxi or a cheap local bus (from the city centre) to the port of Kuala Kedah.

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