ETS Train Penang to Ipoh Schedule

You can now travel from Penang to Ipoh on the new high speed ETS trains that started operating on this route from July 2015.

Timetable for the ETS Train from Butterworth Penang to Ipoh in Perak

Latest Timetable for 2016 valid until 31st January 2017 (see new timetable from 1st Feb below).

All services are ETS Gold services (unless specified) and operate every day (unless specified).

Train EP 9231 (ETS Platinum) departs Butterworth at 05:00 - Arrives Ipoh at 06:32.

Train EG 9235 departs Butterworth at 06:30 - Arrives Ipoh at 08:09.

Train EG 9201 departs Butterworth at 07:45 - Arrives Ipoh at 09:28.

Train EP 9247 (ETS Platinum) departs Butterworth at 11:55 - Arrives Ipoh at 13:27 (Operates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only).

Train EG 9233 departs Butterworth at 14:55 - Arrives Ipoh at 16:34.

Train EG 9237 departs Butterworth at 16:00 - Arrives Ipoh at 17:39.

Train EG 9209 departs Butterworth at 17:58 - Arrives Ipoh at 19:37.

Train EG 9215 departs Butterworth at 19:08 - Arrives Ipoh at 20:55.

Train EG 9249 departs Butterworth at 22:00 - Arrives Ipoh at 23:39 (Operates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only).

Train EG 9217 departs Butterworth at 22:50 - Arrives Ipoh at 00:25.

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New ETS Timetable valid from 1st February 2017.

Train EP 9201 (ETS Platinum) departs Butterworth at 04:45 - Arrives Ipoh at 06:25.

Train EG 9211 departs Butterworth at 06:10 - Arrives Ipoh at 07:57.

Train EG 9113 departs Butterworth at 07:33 - Arrives Ipoh at 09:20.

Train EP 9203 (ETS Platinum) departs Butterworth at 13:30 - Arrives Ipoh at 15:10.

Train EG 9215 departs Butterworth at 16:05 - Arrives Ipoh at 17:52.

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Ticket Prices for the ETS Train Penang to Ipoh

Fares for the ETS trains vary depending on what type of service you use.

Silver Service ETS trains stop at all stations and cost (no longer available) :

Adult : 23 RM - Children : 16 RM

Gold Service ETS trains stop at only the main stations and cost :

Adult : 33 RM - Children : 21 RM

Platinum Service ETS trains cost :

Adult : 42 RM - Children : 25 RM

How to Book ETS Train Tickets

ETS tickets are available for sale up to 60 days in advance of your travel dates from any mainline KTMB railway station ticket counter.

If you are staying on Penang Island, there is no need to travel over to Butterworth Railway Station on the mainland, as there is a small KTM Office in George Town, located along the walkway up to the Penang Island to Butterworth Ferry.

It is open every day except Sunday.

For more information about the KTM Office in George Town click here>>

You can also book online direct from the KTMB website booking platform for an additional admin fee of 2 RM.

The other option is to book through an online train ticketing agent, which may work out a little cheaper than booking direct on KTM's website.

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