Penang to Ipoh Train KTM Komuter, ETS Schedule - Price

Travelling by train from Penang to Ipoh there are now a couple of options you can take:

  • A cheap KTM Komuter (commuter) train.
  • A slightly faster, more comfortable, but more expensive ETS train.

KTM Komuter Train from Penang to Ipoh

Now that the northern commuter (KTM Komuter Utara) route has been extended to Ipoh (since September 2023), this is easily the most popular way to travel from Penang to Ipoh as it is really cheap compared to the ETS services or even the bus.

To see the latest KTM Komuter departures times from Penang to Ipoh, click on the following timetable link:

KTM Komuter trains depart from Butterworth Railway Station on the mainland.

To get to the railway station from Penang Island (Georgetown) you can take the short ferry ride over to Penang Sentral, then its a short 5 minute walk to the train station (just follow the signs).

The train journey from Penang to Ipoh by KTM Komuter train takes a little under two hours to get to Ipoh railway station.

Ipoh station is located just on edge of the Old Town where you will find most of the tourist attractions and plenty of places to stay.

Tickets for these trains cost just 12.80 RM.

Unlike ETS trains where advance booking is highly recommended, KTM Komuter tickets are only available to purchase from the ticket counter at Butterworth station.

The reason these Komuter trains are so cheap is that there is no reserved seating on commuter trains (unlike the ETS trains where you can only travel by reserved seat).

Seats on commuter train carriages are arranged in a long row along the side of the coaches. Then there is a large central area where those passengers without seats can stand.

KTM Komuter train to IpohInside of a carriage on a KTM Komuter train to Ipoh

During the busy rush hours, getting on the train to get a seat can be quite an experience as everyone wants to get on first to get a seat.

During the quieter hours you should be able to get a seat no problem (as all these trains originate from Butterworth).

ETS Penang to Ipoh Train

seats ets train from penang to ipohSeats on the ETS train from Penang to Ipoh

If you want a much more relaxing way to travel to Ipoh from Penang by train, then the more expensive ETS train is the one to choose as you can only travel on these trains with a reserved seat.

To see the latest ETS departure times from Penang to Ipoh, click on the following timetable link:

Ticket prices for ETS trains to Ipoh from Penang vary and will cost you anything from around 33 RM for a Gold service, to around 42 RM for a Platinum service.

Tickets on ETS train should be booked in advance as there are limited seat numbers for each train and they can often be fully booked during busy times of the year.

If you are staying on Penang Island, there is a KTM ticket office at the jetty for the ferry over to Butterworth. Here you can book advance ETS tickets (not Komuter tickets).

The other option is to book train tickets online.

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