KTM Butterworth Train Station

The old Butterworth train station has been demolished to make way for a new state of the art transport hub for trains and buses, known as Penang Sentral which is due for completion in 2015

In its place is a new temporary Butterworth railway station just slightly to the North. There is not much here compared to the old station, but there is a small air-conditioned waiting area and ticket counter, where you can escape from the heat.

The only difference visitors arriving will notice is that the Penang Ferry and Butterworth bus station are not now visible when you leave the station and everything looks like a bit of a building site.

If you are heading for the Penang Ferry, when you leave the station, keep to your left where you will see a covered walkway with stairs leading up - just walk along this and you will be at the ferry in a couple of minutes.

If you are going to catch a bus, also walk in this direction but follow the road just to the right of the stairs, this will take you to the buses (you can also reach the ferry this way at the back past all the buses)

There is still a money changer at Butterworth just as you exit the platforms (doesn't give the best rates in town, so just change what you need here) along with a small shop for drinks, snack food and newspapers / magazines.

There are also some restaurants just outside to your right, although most of them are closed every time i go there.

KTM Butterworth Train Station Contact Telephone Number:

04 - 3312796

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