Penang Hat Yai Train

About the Penang Hat Yai Train

If you would like to travel from Penang to Hat Yai by train, you will first have to take a KTM Komuter service to the border station at Padang Besar, then take a Shuttle service to Hat Yai.

Train Timetables Penang - Hat Yai

Please Note : train 36 that used to depart from Butterworth to Hat Yai but now originates at the border station at Padang Besar.

The old diesel Intercity express train that used to operate from KL to Hat Yai is now cancelled.

As of 1/2/2017 ETS trains no longer operate between Butterworth and Padang Besar.

The new KTM Komuter trains are a very cheap way to travel into Thailand and departures are frequent throughout the day, departing Butterworth every one to two hours.

To view the timetable and fares for these services, please see the following link :

KTM Komuter Train Service timetable to Padang Besar >>

At the border check post at Padang Besar station, you will have to go through the Thai / Malaysian immigration process.

Currently there are just a couple of Shuttle trains services from Padang Besar to Hat Yai every day.

To see the timetable and fares for these service click here >>

Another alternative to the infrequent train to Hat Yai, is to take a bus from the Thai side of the main border crossing next to Padang Besar station.

This bus takes you to Hat Yai bus station, then into the city centre.

For more information on this bus click here >>

Recommended Hotels in Hat Yai

Hat Yai to Penang by Train

Travelling in the other direction can be done the same way as per above - Shuttle to the border - KTM Komuter to Butterworth.

When arriving at Butterworth Railway Station, it just a short 5 minute walk to the Penang Ferry which takes you over to Penang Island where you will find many Penang Hotels 5 - 10 minutes walk from the jetty.

Visit our Budget Accommodation in Georgetown page for some of the best cheap hotels and guest houses in town.

The train station in Hat Yai is located right in the centre of the city and is just a short walk to the many Hat Yai hotels and guest houses.

Another option than the Penang Hat Yai Train is to travel between Penang and Hat Yai by the frequent minibuses on this route.

You can also use these trains to travel from Thailand to Langkawi.

Get off in Arau, then travel by taxi to Kuala Perlis where you can catch regular ferries to Langkawi.

Alternatively you could get off in Alor Setar and get a local bus or taxi to Kuala Kedah for the ferry to Langkawi.

How much does the Penang Hat Yai Train Ticket Cost?

The price to get to Hat Yai from Penang by train is quite cheap compared to other methods.

A ticket on the KTM Komuter to the border will cost 11.40 RM.

The shuttle train from the border to Hat Yai costs 70 Baht.

Cheaper than the minibus from Penang to Hat Yai.

Buying your train tickets

No advance purchase is available for either the Komuter or Shuttle trains on this route.

You just turn up and buy a ticket for the next departure.

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