KTM Komuter Butterworth Padang Besar Train Schedule (Jadual) Price 2021

There are now regular KTM Komuter Butterworth Padang Besar Trains departing in either direction every one to two hours.

If you want to travel between the Thailand border and Penang, this is the cheapest way to travel and the most convenient as now all the ETS trains are no longer operating on this route.

KTM Komuter Utara (northern commuter) trains between the Thailand border at Padang Besar and Butterworth stop at every station along the route.

There is no seat allocation and seats are arranged along the sides in one long row, like subway / tube trains.

Most of the time you will get a seat - no problem.

During very busy times, you may have to stand for part of the trip.

Please note, there are also no toilets on these commuter services.

Butterworth to Padang Besar Komuter Train Timetable (Jadual)

Latest Butterworth to Padang Besar KTM Komuter schedule:

Latest train schedule under MCO / CMCO / RMCO ( PKP / PKPB / PKPP) 2021:

KTM are operating reduced services on this route during this time.

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Train Number 2940: Departs Butterworth 05:25 - Arrives Padang Besar 07:16.

Train Number 2942: Departs Butterworth 06:25 - Arrives Padang Besar 08:16.

Train Number 2944: Departs Butterworth 07:25 - Arrives Padang Besar 09:16.

Train Number 2946: Departs Butterworth 08:25 - Arrives Padang Besar 10:16.

Train Number 2948: Departs Butterworth 09:25 - Arrives Padang Besar 11:16.

Train Number 2950: Departs Butterworth 10:25 - Arrives Padang Besar 12:16.

Train Number 2952: Departs Butterworth 12:25 - Arrives Padang Besar 14:16.

Train Number 2954: Departs Butterworth 14:25 - Arrives Padang Besar 16:16.

Train Number 2956: Departs Butterworth 15:25 - Arrives Padang Besar 17:16.

Train Number 2960: Departs Butterworth 16:25 - Arrives Padang Besar 18:16.

Train Number 2962: Departs Butterworth 17:25 - Arrives Padang Besar 19:16.

Train Number 2966: Departs Butterworth 18:25 - Arrives Padang Besar 20:16.

Train Number 2968: Departs Butterworth 19:25 - Arrives Padang Besar 21:16.

Train Number 2972: Departs Butterworth 21:25 - Arrives Padang Besar 23:16.

All the above trains operate daily.

Please Note: from March 2020, KTM are now running additional services on busy days (Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).

To see theses extra services, see the full KTM Komuter timetable northbound here >

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If you want to continue your journey into Thailand by train, you can take the International Express to Bangkok or a Shuttle train to Hat Yai.

There are only two Shuttle Trains from Padang Besar to Hat Yai a day.

Tickets cost 50 THB.

To see the latest timetable from Pdg. Besar to Hat Yai click here >

Another alternative is to cross over the main road border next to the station and take a local bus or minivan to Hat Yai bus station or the city centre.

Padang Besar to Butterworth Komuter Train Timetable (Jadual)

Latest Padang Besar to Butterworth KTM Komuter schedule for 2020.

Train Number 2941: Departs Padang Besar 05:25 - Arrives Butterworth 07:16.

Train Number 2945: Departs Padang Besar 06:25 - Arrives Butterworth 08:16.

Train Number 2949: Departs Padang Besar 07:25 - Arrives Butterworth 09:16.

Train Number 2953: Departs Padang Besar 08:25 - Arrives Butterworth 10:16.

Train Number 2957: Departs Padang Besar 10:25 - Arrives Butterworth 12:16.

Train Number 2961: Departs Padang Besar 12:25 - Arrives Butterworth 14:16.

Train Number 2963: Departs Padang Besar 13:25 - Arrives Butterworth 15:16.

Train Number 2965: Departs Padang Besar 14:25 - Arrives Butterworth 16:16.

Train Number 2967: Departs Padang Besar 15:25 - Arrives Butterworth 17:16.

Train Number 2969: Departs Padang Besar 16:25 - Arrives Butterworth 18:16.

Train Number 2973: Departs Padang Besar 17:25 - Arrives Butterworth 19:16.

Train Number 2977: Departs Padang Besar 18:25 - Arrives Butterworth 20:16.

Train Number 2981: Departs Padang Besar 19:25 - Arrives Butterworth 21:16.

Train Number 2985: Departs Padang Besar 21:25 - Arrives Butterworth 23:16.

All Trains operate daily.

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Arriving in Butterworth Station, the ferry over to Penang Island (George Town) is just a few minutes walk away.

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KTM Komuter Butterworth Padang Besar Train Ticket Prices / Fares  (Harga Tiket / Tambang)

Fares for this trip will cost you 11.40 RM.

To see the full price list of Komuter fares to/from Butterworth click here >

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Buying KTM Komuter Tickets

As Komuter Train tickets are only sold on the day of travel, you just turn up at the station and buy your tickets for the next departure.

No advance purchase is available.

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