Penang Esplanade (Padang Kota Lama)

The Penang Esplanade (or Padang Kota Lama) is the waterfront area and large green located in the north-eastern tip of Georgetown.

It is a rare wide open space in the city and a must visit place in Penang for every visitor.

Penang Esplanade
Padang Kota Lame - Penang Esplanade
Early morning Tai Chi

Come here in the early mornings to join the locals jogging around the green or doing some Tai Chi.

Fort Cornwallis Penang Esplanade

On the Eastern side of the green is Fort Cornwallis, the old British Fort, built on the first area of land that was cleared by Francis Lights crew and labourers, way back in 1786.

The Fort is open every day for visitors.

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The western side of the field are the two grand old buildings of the City Hall and Town Hall.

The Penang City Hall

The City Hall

The Penang Town Hall

The Town Hall

The Town Hall lit up at night

The Penang Town Hall at night - They where making a film here this night, so the building was lit by more colourful lights than usual.

To the North is the waterfront walkway following the coastline from the edge of the Fort, to the Esplanade Food Court as you walk Westwards away from the Fort.

The Cenotaph on Penang Esplanade

The Cenotaph.

Cruise Ship docked at Penang Dock

A Cruise Ship docked at Penang's Port.

Come here in the late afternoon and evening to enjoy the sea breezes, have a drink and some delicious food at the seafront food court.

Penang Esplanade Food Court

The Penang Esplanade Food Court is a great place to try some fresh local seafood or just enjoy a cheap beer while enjoying the sea breeze.

Beer is available for sale from the first place you come to as you walk in from the promenade. It is relatively cheap here - A big bottle of lager will set you back between 12 and 15 RM depending on the brand.

This food court is open in the late afternoon / evening.

Penang Esplanade Food Court

There is another food court on the Esplanade, the Fort Cornwallis Food Court which as the name suggests is by the fort. This place is only open during the day and closed in the evening.

The Penang Esplanade is where you will find most of the major events happening throughout the year, from New Years Eve firework displays, Parades, Live Music, Dragon Dances, Chingay and Flower Shows to Cycle racing and Motorbike racing around the square.

You will find something going on here most weekends, so check with the local Tourist Office on Beach Street to see if there are any events going on while you are in town.

Hotels near the Penang Esplanade

If you want to stay in this area of town, there are a few hotels just a few minutes walk away.

The Royale Bintang Hotel is a new 4 star property located opposite the Marina or the new Chambers Hotel, located directly opposite the Esplanade.

Cheaper options are the Friendship Motel and Merlin Hotel that are located opposite each other on Penang Street and just a couple of minutes walk across the road from the large green.

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Other options are in the nearby area of Little India.

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