Penang Bangkok Train

There is a daily overnight Penang Bangkok Train if you want to travel from Thailand to Malaysia by train and vice versa.

International Express Train number 36 (Ekspres Antarabangsa) leaves Butterworth train station at 14.00, scheduled to arrive at Bangkok's Hualamphong Railway Station the next day at 10.30am.

Train number 35 is scheduled to leave Bangkok's Hualamphong train station at 14.45 arriving at Butterworth train station at 13.00 the next day.

These services are operated by SRT (State Railway of Thailand) and not KTMB ( Malaysian Railways).

Photo of the sleeping carriage on the Penang Bangkok Train

This is an all 2nd class air conditioned train, where you will have to purchase a sleeper bed, either lower bed or upper bed.

The lower beds are the best by far and are much wider than the upper beds.

This means they are the first to sell out, so it's best to book at least a few days in advance, better still at least a week before, especially if you are travelling from Thailand, as the Thai's book up all the good beds to travel down to Hat Yai.

Try to get a bed in the middle of the train as you don't want to be right next to the automatic doors (at either end of the carriage) which will mean you won't get much sleep.

Seats / beds numbers 37 - 40 are right by the door to the exit and 1 - 4 are at the toilet end.

To buy tickets for the train from Penang to Bangkok there is no need to go to the Butterworth station as you can buy your train tickets in George Town at the small KTM office on Penang Island.

Click here for more information>>

You can easily find the office as it is located at the Penang - Butterworth ferry terminal (on your right at the end of all the kiosks just before you turn left up to the ferry).

You can of course, also buy your tickets from Butterworth Train Station.

If you are buying train ticket from Thailand to Penang, you can purchase your tickets at any railway station in Thailand up to 60 days in advance.

If you do not mind paying a little bit extra, you can book train tickets from Bangkok to Butterworth online.

This service is only available for tickets from Bangkok.

You can pick your tickets up from Hua Lamphong Railway Station in Bangkok, a minimum of 60 minutes before departure time.

You can buy tickets from Butterworth online, but they will have to be posted to you which works out quite expensive.

Tickets Prices / Fares for the Penang - Bangkok Train :

Prices in Malaysian Ringgit - For prices in Thai Baht just multiply by 10 for a rough estimate.

Penang (Butterworth) to Hat Yai RM40 - ( cheaper and faster to go to Hat Yai by minibus!)

Penang to Surat Thani (for Koh Samui) RM84.90 (upper berth) RM92.90 (lower berth)

Penang to Hua Hin RM97.90 (upper) RM105.90 (lower)

Penang to Bangkok RM103.90 (upper) RM111.90 (lower)

Penang Bangkok Train Timetables

Wondering how long the train from Butterworth to Bangkok takes?

Check out the schedules below, with all the main stops along the way.

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The Bangkok to Penang train stops at the border at Padang Besar for passport control.

You could be here for anything up to 2 hours!

There is a money changer on the platform and a cafe upstairs which is a good place for breakfast if you are coming from Thailand, but is usually closed if coming from Butterworth.

If you are offered to change money on the train (usually in Hat Yai coming from Thailand) don't do it.

You will lose over 10 % on the exchange.

Usually a man goes around with the daily paper to show you the official exchange rate, which he gives you.

Trouble is, the exchange rate for Malaysian Ringgit by Thai banks is dreadful.

Wait until you get to the border or Butterworth station where there are money changers who will give you a much better rate.

Station Information :

The old Butterworth train station has been demolished and replaced with a new one.

Visit our Butterworth Railway Station page for more information.

If you are going to Bangkok, click here information about Bangkok's Hua Lamphong Railway station and how to travel from there to popular areas of the city.

For places to stay near the station in Bangkok click here.

Food :

Food is available on the train for dinner and breakfast as well as soft drinks and beer (sorry beer is no longer on the menu!). One of the stewards will come around with a menu. The food has improved over the years and there is now a larger choice on the menu, including a vegetarian dish.

To see the menu on Thai trains click here.

At Hat Yai you will find lots of Thai ladies getting on the train selling fried chicken and sticky rice as well as fruit, or you can head down to the dining car which is added in Hat (Haad) Yai.

Don't forget to change your watches - Thailand is one hour behind Malaysian time.

Bangkok to Langkawi by Train

If you are heading to the island of Langkawi you can disembark in Arau for the ferry from Kuala Perlis or Alor Setar for the ferry from Kuala Kedah.

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Arriving at Butterworth Train Station

If you are travelling over to Penang island you will have to catch the ferry over to the island into Georgetown.

The ferry terminal is just a few minutes walk away. Keep to your left when you exit the train station and take the covered walkway up the the terminal.

Boats leave every 15 minutes and takes around 15 minutes to arrive in Georgetown.

Once you are on the island, it is about 10 minutes walk to the budget hotel area around Chulia Street.

Alternatively you can catch the free, "Freecat Bus" from the main road in front of the ferry terminal. Get off at the Museum stop to be close to Love Lane and the budget hotel area.

If you are travelling out to the beaches and staying in Batu Ferringhi, catch bus 101 that leaves from the bus station on the left as you come out of the terminal.

If you are not staying in Penang, the Butterworth Bus Terminal is also just a few minutes away. From here you can catch a bus to just about anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia and all the way down to Singapore.

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