Penang Botanical Gardens Photos

Our Penang Botanical Gardens photos page will hopefully give you more of an idea of what it is like in the Penang Botanic Gardens.

Located a few km outside of Georgetown on the site of an old quarry, the gardens are a great place to visit to escape the busy city streets, enjoy slightly cooler temperatures and take in some of the nature of Penang.

Penang Botanical Gardens Photos

Photo of a Waterfall in Penang Botanic Gardens

A river runs through the centre of the gardens, with many small waterfalls.

Photo of the River in Penang Botanic Gardens
Photo of Ghost Trees

There are many different trees in the park.

Photo of a Cannon Ball tree

The amazing Cannon Ball tree with it's flowers.

Photo of a Cannon Ball tree flower
Photo of a Pinang Palm Tree

The Pinang Palm tree, after which the island takes it's name (Pulau Pinang).

Photo of the jungle track in Penang Botanic Gardens

There is 1 1/2 km of paved tropical rainforest jungle track taking you up the side of gardens.

Photo of a Lily Pad Flower

The jungle track takes you to the lily pond where you can see Terrapins.

Terrapins in the lily pond
Cactus House in the Botanic Gardens

The Cactus House at the Botanical Gardens has a huge range of Cacti.

A Monitor Lizard

A Monitor Lizard. Some of the wildlife you may bump into.

Long Tailed Macaque

There are quite a few Monkeys in the Botanical gardens. Long Tailed Macaques (above) and the much more cuter Dusky Leaf Monkeys.

Dusky Leaf Monkey
Photo of the garden train in Penang Botanic Gardens

For those who do not want to walk you can take the garden "train" for a small fee.

Photo of the Quarry Recreational Park

The Quarry Recreational Park is right next door to the Botanic Gardens.

For more information and how to get to the Botanic Gardens :

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