Tampin / Gemas to JB Sentral Train Schedule

You will have to take the Gemas to JB Sentral Shuttle Train service for all stations south, as currently, the new Dual Electrified Railway Tracks that can carry the new fast ETS Trains is still under construction between Gemas and Johor Bahru.

Gemas to Johor Bahru Train Timetable 2020

New Gemas to JB train timetable valid from the 17th of June 2019 into 2020:

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See the train timetable from JB Sentral to Gemas here >

Temporary KTM Timetable from the 26th of June 2020

RMCO Gemas to JB KTM timetableRMCO Gemas to JB KTM timetable
Train No ERT 27 ES 41 ES 43 ES 45
Operating Days ALL ALL ALL ALL
Type Intercity Shuttle Shuttle Shuttle
Pulau Sebang / Tampin - 05:30 - 21:05
Batang Melaka - 05:50 - 21:25
Gemas 07:18 06:15 15:20 21:50
Batu Anam 07:33 06:32 15:37 22:07
Segamat 07:55 06:51 15:56 22:26
Genuang 08:08 07:04 16:09 22:39
Tenang 08:22 07:14 16:19 23:01
Labis 08:37 07:30 16:35 23:17
Bekok 08:59 07:51 16:56 23:38
Paloh 09:18 08:12 17:17 23:59
Chamek - 08:25 17:30 00:12
Kluang 09:49 08:49 17:54 00:36
Mengkibol - 08:59 18:04 00:46
Renggam 10:13 09:15 18:20 01:02
Layang-Layang 10:40 09:30 18:35 01:17
Kulai 11:12 09:57 19:02 01:44
Kempas Baru 11:44 10:35 19:40 02:11
Johor Bahru JB Sentral 12:06 10:57 20:02 02:33

See the ETS Timetable for trains southbound to Gemas here >

If you want to continue your journey from JB to Singapore by train, you also have to take a Shuttle Train service.

These trains take just five minutes to cross the Causeway to Woodlands Railway Station and cost 5 RM per ticket to Singapore.

To see the latest timetable for trains from JB Sentral to Woodlands click here >

These Shuttle trains to Singapore are always full in the early morning as they are used by workers to commute to Singapore, so you will have to book a seat well in advance if you want to use them.

You can book tickets for these trains here >

Gemas to JB Sentral Train Ticket Prices (Harga Tiket)

Train tickets to JB Sentral from Gemas cost:

Shuttle Train (ST) Adults = 21 RM / Children = 15 RM.

Train 27 is the Intercity Express from Tumpat to Johor Bahru and costs:

Adults 27 RM / 33 RM (Upper or Lower) / Children 21 RM / 27 RM (Upper or Lower)

Booking Tickets

Like all trains in Malaysia, it is best to book your seats as far in advance as possible.

You can do that at any KTMB ticket counter at any station or you can simply book online.

To book your tickets now click here >

Tickets are available to purchase in advance, but time periods vary from a few weeks to a few months (depending on when KTM release the tickets and if they are planning a new timetable).

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