Khoo Kongsi

The Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi clan house / temple is, without doubt, the most beautiful and ornate of all the clan houses in George Town Penang, and should be near the top of your list of tourist attractions to visit while you are staying in Penang.

The beautiful and ornate building that stands here today was completed in around 1906, after the original building that stood here, was burnt down.

photo of Khoo Kongsi in Georgetown Penang

No expense was spared, with the best artisans and craftsman covering nearly every inch of the temple with detailed stone and wood carvings, along with gilded gold leaf, wall paintings and intricate tiled shard work.

Below the temple, there is a small museum where you can learn about the history of the Khoo clan dating back to their ancestral village of Sin Kang in China.

There is also an opera stage, large courtyard and 4 rows of terrace houses.

How to get there:

The temple cannot be seen from the street.

To find the entrance you have to walk along (Lebuh) Cannon Street towards the Acheen Street Mosque, which you can see at the end of the road.

You will find the entrance to the Temple compound on your left.

Khoo Kongsi Opening Hours: The Temple and grounds are open daily from 9 am in the morning, until 5 pm in the afternoon.

Entrance Fee: RM 10

Official Website:

For more detailed information about this temple / clan house, you should visit the official Khoo Kongsi website:

Photos from around and inside of the temple

Photo of the carved pillars at the Khoo Kongsi Temple in Georgetown
photo of the ornate stone carvings at Khoo Kongsi
photo of the inside of Khoo Kongsi Temple in Penang
Chinese Wall Paintings

wood carvings
Picture from inside Khoo Kongsi Temple
Carving at the Khoo Kongsi
Photo of the Khoo Kongsi Temple
Khoo Kongsi carved panels
Photo of the doorway at the Khoo Kongsi Temple
Roof decoration
Wall painting inside the Khoo Kongsi Temple

Places to Stay Near the Khoo Kongsi Temple

If you would like to stay in this area of George Town, there are a number of upmarket Heritage Hotels just a couple of minutes walk away from the Temple, such as the Straits Heritage and the MiL Boutique Residence.

Move a little further away and there is more affordable accommodation such as the Armenian Street Heritage Hotel.

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