Penang Hill Pictures

Our Penang Hill Pictures page will give you an idea of what it is like on top of the hill and also photos of the walk up to the top from the Botanical Gardens.

Penang Hill Pictures
Governors residence on Penang Hill

There are a few old buildings on top of Penang Hill like the old Governors residence and a Hindu Temple and Mosque next door.

Hindu Temple on top of Penang Hill
Take a walk to the top

For those who are generally fit, you can take a 5km walk up to the top of Penang Hill - Choose the easier way (photo above) or give your knees and calf muscles a real workout (photo below).

For more information visit our Walking Up Penang Hill page.

steep steps leading off of the Botanical Gardens

The seemingly endless stairs that lead up from a small trail in the Botanic Gardens. The entrance to the trail is not that easy to find, so you may need to ask someone for directions.

Miniot Road

Half way along the road you can take one of the original paths laid by the British, Miniot Road. This dirt track takes you on a long detour around the front of Penang Hill offering views over the city along the route (which you don't get until you reach the top if you just follow the road).

View from Miniot Road

The Miniot Road passes under the Penang Hill Railway Line that takes passengers to the top from the station located in Air Itam.

To find out about train tickets visit our Penang Hill Train page.

Penang Hill Railway line
Black Giant Squirrel

If you are lucky you will be able to see some of the local wildlife on Penang Hill, like this photo of a Black Giant Squirrel, that lives in some of the tall rainforest trees on Penang Hill.

tall rainforest trees

If you are interested in jungle trekking in Penang, the best place to do this, is in the Penang National Park where there are miles of trails through the rainforest and to some of the most beautiful beaches on Penang Island.

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