Butterworth to Anak Bukit Train (KTM Komuter), Bus
How to Go

To travel from Penang Sentral, Butterworth to Anak Bukit in Kedah, you can take one of the regular KTM Komuter Utara Train services (northern commuter) that depart from Butterworth Railway Station.

These cheap rail services depart at regular intervals from the early morning until the evening and are a good way to travel from Penang to Kedah.

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The distance from Butterworth to Anak Bukit is approximately 105 km.

KTM Butterworth to Anak Bukit Komuter Train Timetable

Jadual KTM Komuter Butterworth ke Anak Bukit

Only KTM Komuter trains now operate on this route from Butterworth.

To see the latest KTM Komuter train timetable, please click on the following link:

KTM Komuter trains are very much like tube / subway trains in the west.

The seating is arranged along the sides of the carriages, with a large central aisle for standing passengers.

Seating is on a first-come-first-served basis.

As these trains all originate from Butterworth, you should be able to get a seat a most times (try to avoid travelling during the rush hours and try and go later in the morning / early afternoon when passenger numbers are lower).

To take the train to Anak Bukit from Penang Island, you can take the ferry from the jetty in Georgetown over to Butterworth (Penang Sentral), then take the short walk from Penang Sentral Terminal building to the railway station.

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Booking Train Tickets to Anak Bukit

You can not make an advance booking for any KTM Komuter train service and tickets are only sold on the day of departure (unlike ETS trains where you need to book in advance and have a reserved seat).

You can only buy tickets from the ticketing counter at Butterworth Railway Station.

If you are travelling during rush hour, add some extra time before your departure as there may be long queues at the ticket office during these times.

You can not buy tickets from the KTM Office near the ferry jetty in Georgetown (this office is for advance booking on ETS trains only).

ETS Train to Anak Bukit from Butterworth Penang

Currently, there are no Electric Train Services (ETS) on this route.

KTM Komuter Train Fares (Tambang) to Anak Bukit from Butterworth, Penang Sentral

To see the latest ticket prices (harga tiket) for the KTM Komuter services from Butterworth station:

Please visit our Butterworth KTM Komuter fares page here >

Butterworth, Penang Sentral to Anak Bukit Bus

There are no direct bus services that can take you from Penang Sentral to Anak Bukit.

The nearest long-distance bus station with buses from Penang Sentral is at Alor Setar.

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