ETS Penang to Batu Gajah Train Schedule and Ticket Prices

Travel on the fast Electric Train Service - ETS from Butterworth Penang to Batu Gajah in Perak is a good way to travel, with a number of both Gold and Platinum services every day operating on this route between Butterworth and Kuala Lumpur.

ETS Train Schedule from Butterworth Penang to Batu Gajah

Jadual Keretapi ETS dari Butterworth Penang ke Batu Gajah

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ETS Timetable during RMCO 2021 - 2022 (Jadual ETS semasa PKPP)

There is a new KTM timetable for trains starting from January 15th 2022.

New ETS Timetable from Butterworth to B. Gajah for 2020:

New KTM BTW to Batu Gajah ETS Timetable

The schedule shown below is currently not operating. To see the timetable in operation at the moment click here >

EG 9121 (ETS Gold) Departs Butterworth at 05:15 - Arrives in Batu Gajah at 07:12. (Operates Daily).

EP 9103 (ETS Platinum) Departs Butterworth at 06:20 - Arrives in Batu Gajah at 08:17 (Operates Daily).

*EP 9371 (ETS Platinum) Departs Butterworth at 08:00 - Arrives in Batu Gajah at 09:57 *Operates with a new ETS2 train including a Business Class carriage (Operates Daily).

*EP 9173 (ETS Platinum) Departs Butterworth at 13:10 - Arrives in Batu Gajah at 15:07.
*Operates with a new ETS2 train including a Business Class carriage (Operates Daily).

EP 9107 (ETS Platinum) Departs Butterworth at 16:00 - Arrives in Batu Gajah at 17:57 (Operates Daily).

EG 9127 (ETS Gold) Departs Butterworth at 18:45 - Arrives in Batu Gajah at 20:41. (Operates Daily).

All ETS trains on this route depart daily.

You can view the full train schedule on this route with all the stops here >

ETS Penang to Batu Gajah KTM Train Ticket Prices

Harga Tiket KTM Keretapi ETS Penang ke Batu Gajah

Tickets for the ETS Gold Trains cost:

Adult 34 RM - Child 21 RM

Tickets for ETS Platinum Trains cost:

Adult 44 RM - Child 26 RM

Buying ETS Tickets in Penang

Membeli Tiket ETS di Pulau Pinang

Advance booking for these trains to Batu Gajah is a must, as services are often full.

To save you a trip over to Butterworth Railway Station, you can either book your tickets at the KTM office at the Jetty in Georgetown, or even easier, book your tickets online.

Booking ticket online costs the same as from the station or ticket office.

You can book tickets online now here >

To get to Butterworth Railway Station from Penang Island, you will need to take the ferry at least an hour before your train departs from Butterworth to make sure you get to the station in time.

The ferry departs from the Jetty in George Town and is easily reached by bus from anywhere on the island.

You can find more information about the ferry over to Butterworth here >

Find more information on Butterworth station here >

Another way to travel from Penang to Batu Gajah is by bus (although there are currently no direct services - so you will have to take a bus to Ipoh first).

You can take a bus from either Sungai Nibong Bus Station on the island or from Butterworth Bus Station.

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