Gurun to Alor Setar
by KTM Komuter Train and ETS

If you want to travel from Gurun to Alor Setar in Kedah, Malaysia the only way you can get there by public transport is to take a KTM Berhad train service.

KTM Gurun to Alor Setar Train Schedules

(Jadual KTM Gurun ke Alor Setar)

To get to Alor Setar from Gurun by train you have a choice of two different types of KTM services:

The cheap and frequent KTM Komuter trains (commuter).


The Electric Train Services trains (ETS).

KTM Komuter Train Timetables

The best trains to take are the KTM Komuter services as they depart every one or two hours and are very cheap.

The duration of the commuter train to Alor Setar from Gurun is only 21 minutes with trains stopping only one time (at KTM Kobah).

To see the latest Komuter train timetable to Alor Setar click on the following link:

For the Komuter timetable in the other direction from Alor Setar to Gurun click here >

For the latest KTM Komuter fares from Gurun click here >

Tickets for Komuter trains are only sold on the day of travel so you just need to turn up at Gurun Railway Station and buy a ticket for the next departure.

As the section of track between Sungai Petani and Alor Setar is very busy, you will find that all the seats will be taken on this route during the busy times of day so you will probably have to stand for all of the journey.

The only way to guarantee a seat is to take one of the ETS trains where you can only travel if you have a reserved seat.

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ETS Train to Alor Setar from Gurun

These long-distance trains are much more comfortable to travel on but much more expensive on this short journey and not really worth travelling on unless you need a reserved seat.

If you do want to think about using the ETS train, you can see the latest timetable by clicking on the following link:

Booking ETS trains is a little more complicated as they are often full during busy holiday periods.

So, to make sure you can get a seat you should always book your tickets in advance from the station or:

You can book online >

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