KTM Kuala Lumpur Taiping Train Schedules and Fares

Travel on the new ETS Kuala Lumpur Taiping Train which operates on KTMB (Malaysian Railways) North - South line.

Now that the older diesel Intercity trains are all cancelled, travel between Kuala Lumpur and Taiping in Perak by train is twice as fast as it used to be.

ETS Train Times from Kuala Lumpur to Taiping

New KL to Taiping ETS Timetable valid from 3rd June 2018 - 2019.

EG 9222 (ETS Gold)  Departs KL Sentral 07:00 - Arrives Taiping 10:28.

EG 9420 (ETS Gold)  Departs KL Sentral 10:04 - Arrives Taiping 13:39.

EP 9202 (ETS Platinum) Departs KL Sentral 10:55 - Arrives Taiping 14:17.

EP 9102 (ETS Platinum) Departs KL Sentral 11:25 - Arrives Taiping 14:44.

EP 9104 (ETS Platinum) Departs KL Sentral 14:40 - Arrives Taiping 17:59.

EG 9322 (ETS Gold) Departs KL Sentral 17:34 - Arrives Taiping 21:06.

EP 9204 (ETS Platinum) Departs KL Sentral 18:00 - Arrives Taiping 21:20.

EP 9106 (ETS Platinum) Departs KL Sentral 20:40 - Arrives Taiping 23:59.

EG 9122 (ETS Gold) Departs KL Sentral 21:50 - Arrives Taiping 01:19.

EG 9224 (ETS Gold) Departs KL Sentral 23:30 - Arrives Taiping 02:58.

All ETS services now depart daily:

To view the full ETS schedule from KL to Taiping click here>>

Departure times shown are from KL Sentral station. You can also catch these trains from the old Kuala Lumpur station 5 minutes later.

ETS Train Times from Taiping to Kuala Lumpur

New Taiping to KL ETS Timetable valid from 3rd June 2018 - 2019.

EG 9121 (ETS Gold) Departs Taiping 05:54 - Arrives KL Sentral 09:30.

EP 9103 (ETS Platinum) Departs Taiping 07:09 - Arrives KL Sentral 10:40.

EG 9321 (ETS Gold) Departs Taiping 08:21 - Arrives KL Sentral 12:03.

EG 9221 (ETS Gold) Departs Taiping 10:02 - Arrives KL Sentral 13:47.

EP 9201 (ETS Platinum) Departs Taiping 13:24 - Arrives KL Sentral 16:55.

EP 9203 (ETS Platinum) Departs Taiping 16:34 - Arrives KL Sentral 20:05.

EP 9105 (ETS Platinum) Departs Taiping 17:19 - Arrives KL Sentral 20:50.

EP 9205 (ETS Platinum) Departs Taiping 19:23 - Arrives KL Sentral 22:55.

EG 9425 (ETS Gold) Departs Taiping 20:21 - Arrives KL Sentral 00:06.

EG 9123 (ETS Gold) Departs Taiping 20:41 - Arrives KL Sentral 00:13.

All ETS services now depart daily:

To view the full ETS schedule from Taiping to KL Sentral click here>>

Train Fares for the Kuala Lumpur Taiping Train

Tickets for the new ETS high-speed train between Taiping and KL Sentral vary depending on the type of train you take :

ETS Gold Train fares : Adult RM 47 - Child RM 28

ETS Platinum Train fares : Adult RM 62 - Child RM 35

How to Book your Tickets :

You can book tickets from the station directly (if there are any seats still available) or for advanced tickets, it is better to book them online directly from an agent or the KTMB website.

Click here for more details and direct link to the online booking service >>

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