KTM Komuter Butterworth Gurun Train Schedule (Jadual)

This page contains the latest train timetables for the KTM Komuter services from Butterworth Penang to Gurun in Kedah.

KTM Komuter trains are a reliable and cheap way to travel in this area on Peninsular Malaysia, with regular services every day of the week departing between Penang state and Perlis state to the border with Thailand, all stopping at Gurun railway station.

Butterworth to Gurun Komuter Train Schedule 2019 (Jadual):

Butterworth to Gurun KTM Komuter schedule for 2019.

All the following trains depart from Butterworth Railway Station on a daily basis:

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Train 2940 Departs Butterworth 05:25 - Arrives Gurun at 06:12.

Train 2944 Departs Butterworth 06:25 - Arrives Gurun at 07:12.

Train 2948 Departs Butterworth 07:25 - Arrives Gurun at 08:12.

Train 2952 Departs Butterworth 08:25 - Arrives Gurun at 09:12.

Train 2954 Departs Butterworth 09:25 - Arrives Gurun at 10:12.

Train 2956 Departs Butterworth 10:25 - Arrives Gurun at 11:12.

Train 2960 Departs Butterworth 12:25 - Arrives Gurun at 13:12.

Train 2964 Departs Butterworth 14:25 - Arrives Gurun at 15:12.

Train 2966 Departs Butterworth 15:25 - Arrives Gurun at 16:12.

Train 2968 Departs Butterworth 16:25 - Arrives Gurun at 17:12.

Train 2972 Departs Butterworth 17:25 - Arrives Gurun at 18:12.

Train 2976 Departs Butterworth 18:25 - Arrives Gurun at 19:12.

Train 2980 Departs Butterworth 19:25 - Arrives Gurun at 20:12.

Train 2984 Departs Butterworth 21:25 - Arrives Gurun at 22:12.

If you want to travel over to Penang Island (Georgetown), you can take the short ferry ride from the jetty located close to Butterworth Station.

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KTM Komuter Butterworth Gurun Train Fares / Ticket Prices (Tambang / Harga Tiket)

KTM Komuter Train tickets are a cheap way to travel around this part of Malaysia.

To see fares for this route, please see the following pages:

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Tickets are only sold on the day of departure and only available from the station ticket counter (you can't buy them from the KTM Office in Georgetown).

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