New Hotels in Melaka (Malacca)

Below you will find our list of the best new hotels in Melaka (Malacca), Malaysia, opened in the last few years - see the newest accommodations available for your stay in this World Heritage City.

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New Hotels in Melaka 2019 - 2018 - 2017....

Ames Hotel Melaka

Ames Hotel Melaka >

A new 4/5 Star hotel opened in July 2019, located a short drive from the Melaka Wonderland Theme Park & Resort and featuring an outdoor pool, fitness centre, restaurant, pool bar and a rooftop bar.

Liu Men Melaka by Preference

Liu Men Melaka by Preference >

A new boutique hotel in Melaka for 2019, offering 30 guest rooms, decorated in 1930's art deco / Peranakan style.

TF Riverside Hotel Melaka

TF Riverside Hotel Melaka >

This new 3 star accommodation in central Melaka offers 170 good value rooms and features two restaurants.

The Platinum Hotel & Suites Melaka

The Platinum Hotel & Suites Melaka >

A recently opened new 3/4 star hotel located on Melaka Island, featuring both indoors and outdoors pools, fitness centre and an on-site restaurant.

Riviera Suites Melaka

Riviera Suites Melaka >

A new hotel on Melaka Island opened in mid 2018.

De' Factory Station Hotel

De' Factory Station Hotel >

A new budget hotel / hostel opened in 2018 offering good value accommodation in a good location.

Treasures Hotel & Suites Melaka

Treasures Hotel & Suites Melaka >

A new stylish 3 star boutique hotel in Melaka located around 15 minutes walk away from Jonkers Street and the historical sights.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Melaka

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Melaka >

A brand new deluxe hotel opened at the end of 2017, located in Hatten City, overlooking the Straits of Melaka and around 10 minutes drive away from the old part of the city.

Aava Malacca Hotel

Aava Malacca Hotel >

A new heritage / traditional Peranakan hotel in the heart of the old city, just 5 minutes walk away from Jonker Street.

Styles Hotel Melaka

Styles Hotel Melaka >

A new centrally located 3 Star accommodation just a few minutes walk from Jonker Street.

Ibis Melaka

Ibis Melaka >

This new 3 star chain hotel was opened in June 2017.

TheBlanc Boutique Hotel Melaka

TheBlanc Boutique Hotel Melaka >

A new boutique hotel in the Jonker Walk area of town opened in mid 2017.

Rosa Malacca

Rosa Malacca >

A new lifestyle, designer 4 Star hotel in Melaka opened in February 2017.

Timez Hotel Melaka

Timez Hotel Melaka >

A new hotel in Jonker Street area, this 15 room heritage boutique accommodation opened in 2017.

Link Boutique Hotel Melaka

Link Boutique Hotel Melaka >

A recently opened new boutique hotel in Melaka with modern, movie themed rooms (3 Star).

Kapitan Kongsi Hotel Melaka

Kapitan Kongsi Hotel Melaka >

A new Peranakan style boutique hotel in Melaka opened in mid 2016.

The Shore Hotel & Residences Melaka

The Shore Hotel & Residences Melaka >

A new 4 star hotel in Melaka opened in 2016 located next to the Malacca River in the city centre.

Novotel Malacca

Novotel Malacca >

Opened on the 20th September 2015, this brand new 4 star hotel is located around 10 minutes walk away from the main tourist attractions.

The Pines Hotel Melaka

The Pines Hotel Melaka >

A new 4 star hotel opened in June 2015 located on the banks of the river, offering modern, spacious rooms.

The Straits Hotel & Suites

The Straits Hotel & Suites >

A new (opened in June 2015) large deluxe high-rise hotel offering large suite rooms with kitchenette, ideal for families.

Estadia by Hatten Melaka

Estadia by Hatten Melaka >

A new luxury Peranakan style accommodation offering 196 rooms, opened in May 2015.

Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences Malacca

Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences Malacca >

A new luxury hotel opened in December 2014, located within a tower block and shopping mall, on the edge of the main tourist area, with Jonker Street about 15 minutes walk away.

7 Days Inn Melaka

7 Days Inn Melaka >

Formerly the Mio Boutique Hotel, this affordable 3 star accommodation is located just outside the main centre of town, with Jonker Street about a 10 minute walk away.

EcoTree Hotel Melaka

EcoTree Hotel Melaka >

Opened in mid 2014, this good value modern designed new 3 star hotel in Melaka is located on the edge of the historic area, featuring a rooftop swimming pool and sky deck.

The Settlement Melaka

The Settlement Melaka >

This small luxury boutique hotel in Melaka was opened in early 2014 on the edge of the "Portuguese Setlement," offering 45 luxury rooms and 4 private villas.

AL-33 Hotel Melaka

AL-33 Hotel Melaka >

A new budget hotel in Melaka offering good quality accommodation around 20 minutes walk from Jonker Street.

Kings Green Hotel Melaka

Kings Green Hotel Melaka >

A 4 star boutique eco friendly hotel opened at the end of 2013, located in the centre of Melaka, but quite far away from the "old town" and all the tourist attractions.

Swan Garden Hotel Melaka

Swan Garden Hotel Melaka >

A new modern hotel opened in 2013 located just outside the main tourist area which is about 15 - 20 minutes walk away.

Hatten Hotel Melaka

Hatten Hotel Melaka >

A large 4 star hotel opened in 2012 offering visitors to Malacca an excellent location right next to the shopping mall and a short walk to the river and tourist attractions.

Upcoming Melaka Hotels for 2019

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