Alor Setar KTM Komuter Ticket Price / Fare
(Harga Tiket / Tambang)

The KTM Komuter train to/from Alor Setar is a good, cheap way to get around the states of Kedah, Perlis and Penang.

You can also connect to the other Northern Komuter Line (Komuter Utara) at Bukit Mertajam station and then take the commuter train into Perak state as far south as Ipoh.

Alor Setar Railway Station is located on the Butterworth to Padang Besar Komuter train route.

Alor Setar KTM Komuter Ticket Price List

Senarai Harga Tiket KTM Komuter Alor Setar

Ticket Prices for the Butterworth to Padang Besar Route:

For the full KTM Komuter train timetable for northbound services (towards Pdg. Besar) click here >

For southbound trains times (towards Butterworth) click here >

Ticket Price List:

Northbound trains (Kereta api arah utara):

Alor Setar to Anak Bukit KTM fare (tambang) = RM 1.00

Alor Setar to Kodiang KTM fare = RM 3.30

Alor Setar to Arau KTM fare = RM 3.90

Alor Setar to Bukit Ketri KTM fare = RM 4.80

Alor Setar to Padang Besar KTM fare = RM 5.70

Southbound trains (Kereta api arah selatan):

Alor Setar to Kobah KTM fare = RM 1.90

Alor Setar to Gurun KTM fare = RM 3.90

Alor Setar to Sungai Petani KTM fare = RM 5.00

Alor Setar to Tasek Gelugor KTM fare = RM 6.20

Alor Setar to Bukit Mertajam KTM fare = RM 6.40

Alor Setar to Bukit Tengah KTM fare = RM 6.70

Alor Setar to Butterworth KTM fare = RM 7.10

Alor Setar to Ipoh Route Komuter Train Fares:

For these trains, you will need to change at Bukit Mertajam.

To see the full Komuter schedule for this route for southbound trains click here >

Ticket Price List:

Alor Setar to Simpang Ampat KTM fare = RM 7.00

Alor Setar to Nibong Tebal KTM fare = RM 7.80

Alor Setari to Parit Buntar KTM fare = RM 8.10

Alor Setar to Bagan Serai KTM fare = RM 8.90

Alor Setar to Kamunting KTM fare = RM 11.30

Alor Setar to Taiping KTM fare = RM 11.70

Alor Setar to Padang Rengas KTM fare = RM 13.00

Alor Setar to Kuala Kangsar KTM fare = RM 13.40

Alor Setar to Sungai Siput KTM fare = RM 14.70

Alor Setar to Ipoh KTM fare = RM 17.10

Buy Komuter Train Tickets from Alor Setar

Beli Tiket Keretapi Komuter dari Alor Setar

All KTM Komuter trains in Malaysia only sell tickets on the day of departure.

Just turn up at Alor Setar railway station, buy your Komuter ticket, then take the next available train.

Alor Setar is a very busy station on this line, so you may find it hard to get a seat at the busiest times of day.

If you really want to guarantee a seat, you will have to take on of the more expensive ETS trains from Alor Setar.

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