Penang FAQ
& Tourist Information

If you are planning your first visit to Penang Island (Pulau Pinang) below I have compiled a few of the most common FAQ's and tourist information to help you on your Penang holiday.

General Information :

How to Travel from Penang :

If you are continuing your journey on from Penang, there are many frequent buses and trains to get you to your destination overland.

How to Travel from Penang to Thailand :

If you are travelling from Penang to Thailand overland you will get either a 15 day or 30 day visa (depending on your country of origin) at the border, if you are are planning to stay longer you will need to know where is the Thai Embassy in Penang?

Here you can apply for a 60 day tourist visa, which can be extended for another 30 days at any Thai immigration office in Thailand.

For details of how to travel overland from Penang to Thailand, see the following pages on our site :

Travelling from Penang to other popular destinations in Malaysia :

Languages in Penang :

What language do they speak in Penang?

With it's varied mix of populations from China, India, Indonesia and of course Malaysia, you will hear many different languages being spoken on the island.

The good news for tourists is nearly everyone speaks English so you will have no problems being understood if you are an English speaker.

It is however always a good idea to learn a few words of the Malaysian language, Bahasa Malaysia, which you may come in useful when travelling to less visited areas of the country, as once you leave the major towns, much less English is spoken by the locals.