KTM Arau to Butterworth Komuter Train Timetables (Jadual) 2020/1

Travel from Arau to Penang is now much easier with the introduction of regular KTM Arau to Butterworth Komuter Trains (Komuter Utara) that operate up and down the north-west coast of Peninsular Malaysia between the Thai border in Perlis, through Kedah to Penang state.

The duration of the journey from Arau to Butterworth by train is one hour and 32 minutes.

Please note:

1) Arau station has recently had a name change and is now known as Stesen Diraja Arau (Arau Royal Station).

2) There are no longer any ETS trains on this route.

Arau to Butterworth KTM Komuter Train Schedule

The latest commuter timetable (jadual komuter Arau ke Butterworth).

Latest train schedule under MCO / CMCO / RMCO (PKP / PKPB / PKPP) 2021:

KTM are operating reduced services on this route during this time.

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Train number 2941 Departs Arau at 05:44 - Arriving in Butterworth at 07:16.

Train number 2943 Departs Arau at 06:44 - Arriving in Butterworth at 08:16.

Train number 2945 Departs Arau at 07:44 - Arriving in Butterworth at 09:16.

Train number 2947 Departs Arau at 08:44 - Arriving in Butterworth at 10:16.

Train number 2949 Departs Arau at 10:44 - Arriving in Butterworth at 12:16.

Train number 2951 Departs Arau at 12:44 - Arriving in Butterworth at 14:16.

Train number 2953 Departs Arau at 13:44 - Arriving in Butterworth at 15:16.

Train number 2955 Departs Arau at 14:44 - Arriving in Butterworth at 16:16.

Train number 2957 Departs Arau at 15:44 - Arriving in Butterworth at 17:16.

Train number 2961 Departs Arau at 16:44 - Arriving in Butterworth at 18:16.

Train number 2963 Departs Arau at 17:44 - Arriving in Butterworth at 19:16.

Train number 2967 Departs Arau at 18:44 - Arriving in Butterworth at 20:16.

Train number 2969 Departs Arau at 19:44 - Arriving in Butterworth at 21:16.

Train number 2973 Departs Arau at 21:44 - Arriving in Butterworth at 23:16.

Please note: From March 2020, KTM has added some extra services for Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays. Sundays and holidays.

To see these extra trains:

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KTM Arau to Butterworth Komuter Ticket Prices / Fares (harga tiket / tambang)

Tickets for the Arau to Butterworth commuter train cost 9.50 RM.

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Buying Tickets

Tickets for commuter trains in Malaysia are only sold on the day of travel, as no seat reservation is allowed and seats are on a first come, first served basis.

Getting on the train in Arau, you usually have a good chance of getting a seat (apart from the very busy periods such as holidays).

These trains tend to fill up between Alor Setar and Sungai Petani when it is usually standing room only.

Arriving at Butterworth Railway Station

The train station in Butterworth is located right on the coast and if you are going over to Penang Island (Georgetown) it is a short walk to the ferry terminal.

For information, departure times and fares for the ferry to Penang Island click here >

You can also take a bus to anywhere on Peninsular Malaysia from the nearby bus terminal (Penang Sentral).

Places to Stay

Butterworth has a number of hotels to stay in if you don't want to head over to the island.

To see our list of hotels in Butterworth click here >

Georgetown offers a much wider choice and range of accommodation options or you can take a bus from the jetty in Georgetown to the popular Batu Ferringhi Beach.

For the best areas to stay in Penang Island click here >

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