KTM Komuter Butterworth Arau Train Schedule (Jadual)

Travel on the KTM Komuter Butterworth Arau Train is quick and cheap and from 1st February 2017 will be the only way to travel between Penang and Arau by train, as the ETS Electric Train Services will no longer be operating on this route.

The trip between Butterworth Penang and Arau in Perlis takes around one and a half hours.

Many people use this train services to travel between Penang and Langkawi, as the Arau Railway Station is the closest station to the ferry port of Kuala Perlis where you can take regular high-speed ferry boats over to Langkawi Island.

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Butterworth to Arau Komuter Train Timetable (Jadual) :

New Butterworth to Arau KTM Komuter schedule from 1st February 2017.

Train 2940 Departs Butterworth at 05:25 - Arrives at Arau at 06:57.

Train 2944 Departs Butterworth at 06:25 - Arrives at Arau at 07:57.

Train 2948 Departs Butterworth at 07:25 - Arrives at Arau at 08:57.

Train 2952 Departs Butterworth at 08:25 - Arrives at Arau at 09:57.

Train 2954 Departs Butterworth at 09:25 - Arrives at Arau at 10:57.

Train 2956 Departs Butterworth at 10:25 - Arrives at Arau at 11:57.

Train 2960 Departs Butterworth at 12:25 - Arrives at Arau at 13:57.

Train 2964 Departs Butterworth at 14:25 - Arrives at Arau at 15:57.

Train 2966 Departs Butterworth at 15:25 - Arrives at Arau at 16:57.

Train 2968 Departs Butterworth at 16:25 - Arrives at Arau at 17:57.

Train 2972 Departs Butterworth at 17:25 - Arrives at Arau at 18:57.

Train 2976 Departs Butterworth at 18:25 - Arrives at Arau at 19:57.

Train 2980 Departs Butterworth at 19:25 - Arrives at Arau at 20:57.

Train 2984 Departs Butterworth at 21:25 - Arrives at Arau at 22:57.

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Arau to Butterworth Komuter Train Timetable (Jadual) :

New Arau to Butterworth KTM Komuter schedule from 1st February 2017.

Train 2941 Departs Arau at 05:44 - Arrives at Butterworth at 07:16.

Train 2945 Departs Arau at 06:44 - Arrives at Butterworth at 08:16.

Train 2949 Departs Arau at 07:44 - Arrives at Butterworth at 09:16.

Train 2953 Departs Arau at 08:44 - Arrives at Butterworth at 10:16.

Train 2957 Departs Arau at 10:44 - Arrives at Butterworth at 12:16.

Train 2961 Departs Arau at 12:44 - Arrives at Butterworth at 14:16.

Train 2963 Departs Arau at 13:44 - Arrives at Butterworth at 15:16.

Train 2965 Departs Arau at 14:44 - Arrives at Butterworth at 16:16.

Train 2967 Departs Arau at 15:44 - Arrives at Butterworth at 17:16.

Train 2969 Departs Arau at 16:44 - Arrives at Butterworth at 18:16.

Train 2973 Departs Arau at 17:44 - Arrives at Butterworth at 19:16.

Train 2977 Departs Arau at 18:44 - Arrives at Butterworth at 20:16.

Train 2981 Departs Arau at 19:44 - Arrives at Butterworth at 21:16.

Train 2985 Departs Arau at 21:44 - Arrives at Butterworth at 23:16.

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If you are heading over to Penang Island you can take the regular ferry which leaves from the jetty, just a couple of minutes walk from Butterworth Railway Station.

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KTM Komuter Butterworth Arau Ticket Prices / Fares

The fare between Butterworth and Arau by Komuter Train is RM 9.50.

Buying Komuter Tickets

Tickets for all KTM Komuter Trains are sold on the day of travel and no advance booking is necessary or available.

Just turn up at the station and buy a ticket for the next service.

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