KTM Sungai Petani to Padang Besar
Komuter and ETS Train Schedule (Jadual) 2022

If you want to travel on the KTM Sungai Petani to Padang Besar train services you have a choice of the frequent and cheap Komuter services (commuter) or you can reserve a seat on one of the fast (but more expensive) Electric Train Services (ETS for short).

Sungai Petani to Padang Besar KTM Komuter Schedule (Jadual)

Latest KTM Komuter train timetable from the 15th of January 2022:

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Train Number 2940: Departs Sungai Petani 05:54 - Arrives Padang Besar 07:11.

Train Number 2942: Departs Sungai Petani 06:59 - Arrives Padang Besar 08:16.

Train Number 2944: Departs Sungai Petani 08:09 - Arrives Padang Besar 09:26.

Train Number 2946: Departs Sungai Petani 09:09 - Arrives Padang Besar 10:26.

Train Number 2950: Departs Sungai Petani 11:09 - Arrives Padang Besar 12:26.

Train Number 2954: Departs Sungai Petani 13:09 - Arrives Padang Besar 14:26.

Train Number 2958: Departs Sungai Petani 15:09 - Arrives Padang Besar 16:26.

Train Number 2962: Departs Sungai Petani 17:09 - Arrives Padang Besar 18:26.

Train Number 2966: Departs Sungai Petani 18:09 - Arrives Padang Besar 19:26.

Train Number 2968: Departs Sungai Petani 19:14 - Arrives Padang Besar 20:31.

Train Number 2970: Departs Sungai Petani 20:09 - Arrives Padang Besar 21:26.

Train Number 2974: Departs Sungai Petani 22:09 - Arrives Padang Besar 23:26.

All trains depart daily.

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These commuter trains stop at all stations along the route and the duration of the journey by KTM Komuter train from Sungai Petani to Padang Besar is one hour and 17 minutes.

Seats are on a first-come, first-served basis and often you may find you have to stand for part of the journey (seats usually become available after passengers get off at the busy station of Alor Setar).

ETS Sungai Petani to Padang Besar Schedule (Jadual)

If you want to reserve a seat, you will have to take one of the ETS trains that stop at Sungai Petani on the way to the Thailand / Malaysia border station of Padang Besar.

Do not take the late evening train as this will arrive when the border is closed so you will be stuck at the station all night!

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The duration of the journey by ETS train is around one hour, 12/13 minutes.

KTM Sungai Petani to Padang Besar Ticket Price / Fare (Harga Tiket /Tambang)

The price for a Komuter train from Sungai Petani to Padang Besar is 9.30 RM.

Tickets for the ETS train cost:

Platinum : 29 RM

Gold : 23 RM

Sungai Petani to Hat Yai by Train

If you want to continue your journey by train from Padang Besar to Hat Yai Junction Railway Station, there are a couple of Shuttle services a day that operate on this route.

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Other transport options from Padang Besar to Hat Yai are available if you cross in to Thailand by the main land border crossing next to the station.

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